Vintage Beni Ouarain carpet

Vintage Beni Ouarain carpet

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Double-knotted and made from the warmest, pure virgin wool. These carpets come from the Beni Ouarain region high up in the Atlas mountains. Handmade by Berber women, they are traditionally used as bedding and capes during the colder months.

This carpet has the classic, simple Beni Ouarain detailing which is picked out in very dark brown wool. This carpet is 100% natural wool and has not been dyed.

Lovely and soft, this rug could be used as a blanket or armchair/sofa throw for the colder evenings.

  • 100% virgin wool
  • Handmade by berber women
  • Vintage, from around the 1950s

Length: 1.90 metres / 6 feet 2 inches
Width: 1.20 metres / 3 feet 9 inches